Biltmore Village,  Asheville NC        |         6 All Souls Crescent         |          828 . 785 . 5599



Brow Shaping                                                 $25+

 (tweezing and trimming, no wax)


Brow Wax                                                      $22+


Eyebrow Tinting                                            $22+



Lip Wax                                                       $10.00+

Chin Wax                                                    $14.00+

Cheek Wax                                                  $22.00

Under Arm Wax                                         $20.00


Booking & Cancellation Policy

In the event that you need to cancel your appointment, please be sure to give us a minimum of a 24-hour notice. This allows other guests to book an appointment during this time slot.

1st instance...we give you a pass...stuff happens! 
2nd will be charged 25% of all scheduled services & have to pre-pay for your next appointment.

3rd will be charged 100% of all scheduled services & have to pre-pay for your next appointment.


Late Arrivals

Things happen...we totally get it! Please call us if you think you will arrive late for your reserved appointment time. If possible, we will try to adjust our schedule. However, it is possible we may ask you to reschedule your visit to another day if you are more than 15 minutes late and it interferes with another client's appointment time.