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5 dry weather tips!

Here are 5 quick tips to protect your skin & hair


Gentle cleansing and not as often. If you’ve taken your makeup off at night and properly moisturized, in the morning all you may need is a good rinse or gentle exfoliation. Try a Dew Puff-a pure plant fiber sponge that cleanses gently with or without cleanser.

2. Mask:

Is your skin feeling like the sahara? A mask is a key step to preserve and protect skin’s moisture barrier. We love Natura Bisse’s Diamond Extreme Night Duo Treatment. The 2-step night time regime combines two products, Diamond Extreme Oil & Diamond Extreme Mask. Together they use the skin’s natural time of rest to accelerate anti-aging results. Skin wakes nourished, revitalized, brighter and more beautiful, lifted from the inside out. You’ll wake up with the skin of your dreams! AND for more bang for your buck...If your skin seems particularly dull or dehydrated, you can add a few drops of DIAMOND EXTREME OIL to your regular treatment cream, or even to your hand cream!

Hair drys out in the winter and it needs some love too! Grab Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate me masque Apply to freshly washed hair. Massage into hair and scalp for 5-10 minutes then rinse.

For a more intense hydration and throw on a shower cap (we love ours chic cap by Shhowercap) and chill out with a magazine for 20 minutes!

3. Layer: Serum AND moisturizer. A serum is your work horse, the right one can change your relationship with your skin. Pick a hydrating serum and your skin will appear more plump therefore more youthful. A complementary moisturizer will protect against the rdy air and defend against dullness.

4. Spritz: A hydrating spritz every so often throughout the day is both refreshing & gives you that added dose of moisture that comes in handy in the winter. Also, use it in the morning to set your makeup and give you a slight dewy glow.


We’re talking water here! You already know this but it bears repeating HYDRATE from the inside out! It’s the most inexpensive and effective step in your skin and hair care routine!