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new facial menu!

Have ya seen it??? It's rad.

So excited about Mesotherpy Facials!

What's that you say? You don't know what Mesotherapy is? Well.....

No-Needle Mesotherapy is a beauty treatment for the transdermal delivery of cosmetic products.


It's non-invasive {i.e. painless} skin rejuvenation with immediate and long-lasting results. We have plenty of options that address the most common skin issues.

Meso-Lift $160 | 60 min. Face lift for customers over 40.   Reduction in wrinkles & improvement of skin volume.

The ultimate non-surgical face lift and anti-ageing product. A synergy of active components acting at various levels to improve the skin condition and reduce the skin sagging.

Meso-XFC                $150 \ 60 min.

This  formula is the ultimate anti-ageing treatment.

Prevents skin ageing, neutralizes free radicals, reduces oxydation process,

reduces wrinkles & fine lines, stimulates collagen I synthetis, firms the skin, restores the skin structure, moisturizes, improves skin softness, soothes irritated and damaged skin, reduces redness, replaces or complements hyaluronic acid micro-injections.

Meso-Radiance            $140 \ 60 min

Treatment of photo-ageing & pigmentation disorders.

RADIANCE is an outstanding treatment to reduce dark spots, even out tone and enlighten without causing skin irritations.

Meso-Acne                   $140 \ 60min.

Reduces pore size ,purifies & regulates oily skin conditions.

A targeted treatment for impure skin, oily skin conditions and open pores. The Meso Acne facial has anti-inflammatory effect, soothing acne-prone skin, reducing skin redness and has a fast relief of skin irritation

Meso-Eye Contour           $50 \ 45 min.

Improves the eye contour area by reducing eye bags, dark circles & fine lines.

The eye contour treatment responds and prevents all concerns for this sensitive area in one treatment: eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles, flaccidity and dryness.

​{To make the most of the treatments it's recommended that you complete 5 sessions (1 every 7 days) then follow up every 15 days.}